Probably no other discovery of modern times has triggered such profound changes in natural sciences, in medicine and in cultural studies as the discovery of X-rays by Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen. The glimpse into matter, made possible by Röntgen‘s discovery, led to a vast wealth of knowledge and applications in science and technology in the years and decades that followed. Röntgen’s discovery may rightly be called a milestone in the history of humanity.

In 2011 an unusual stroke of luck gave the German Radiological Society an opportunity to purchase Röntgen’s birthplace, which has changed little in its outer form in the past 170 years. There was no doubt that the poor structural condition of the house would require a significant investment in its redevelopment and renovation. Nevertheless, it was clear to all involved that the cost of maintaining and taking care of that little gem was out of proportion to the priceless heritage of its former inhabitant.

Once all the necessary structural examinations are completed, and the future usage of this cultural and historical treasure as a museum and a meeting place is agreed upon with the cultural heritage management, the extensive renovation of the building can be started.

Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen understood his discovery from the beginning and without ifs and buts as a gift to the world, and firmly rejected every offer of any kind of »marketing«. The acquisition of his birthplace by the German Radiological Society offers the opportunity to make this house a common heritage of science and medicine, and thus to promote and maintain the memory of Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen.

An important first step has been done with the acquisition and the beginning of the renovation works. To achieve our goal, however, the commitment of all those dedicated to the legacy of W. C. Röntgen is required. In this brochure, we present the plans for the renovation and the concept of future use. At the same time, we would like to invite you to get involved as a donor or a sponsor.

For the Birthplace of Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen Foundation:

Prof. Emeritus Dr. med. Ulrich Mödder

Dipl. theol. Bernhard Lewerich

For the German Radiological Society:

Prof. Dr. med. Norbert Hosten