More than € 18.000 for Röntgen's birthplace

Radiologienetz Deutschland ( commits itself to the renovation and reconstruction of Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen's birthplace home. The members have collected a donation for the Foundation for the Birthplace of Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen within their network and have transferred the money on October 29, 2014 in Remscheid through the hands of Jürgen Witt und Dr. Klaus-M. Ricken of the consulting committee of Radiologienetz.

"As radiologists we think it is very important to make Röntgen's birthplace a useful place which will be open to the public", says Jürgen Witt." After all Röntgen is the founder of our medical field. Having discovered the X-Rays he has layed the foundation for several medical and technical innovations that have been later produced by other nobel prize winners. These innovations still shape the radiological patient-centered care today.

Dr. Ricken adds: "You can actually feel the fascination of imaging diagnostics around the house and the nearby German Röntgen-Museum. We think it is a great idea to renovate the house because this a place which will be able to inspire future generations. This house will show how fascinating radiology actually is."