A unique opportunity: Come and visit the construction site

On September 13, 2015 from 12 to 5 pm Röntgen’s birthplace opens its doors to its inner secrets - meaning the current construction site. The birthplace takes part in the nationwide campaign "Open Historical Monument Presentation". For the first time the Foundation for the Birthplace of Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen participates in the annual campaign of the “German Foundation for Preservation of Sites of Historic Interest” which themes "craft, technology, industry" this year.

On that day in September, Dr. Uwe Busch, director of the German Röntgen Museum, and the architects in charge of the restoration, Sophie and Christof Welke, will explain the current state of implementation and further construction plans to the visitors who can also explore the rooms.

How to find Röntgens birthplace

From Wuppertal main station the local train “Abellio S7” will take you directly to Remscheid-Lennep (six stops). The trip takes about 20 minutes. You will find further information and timetables on the homepage "Abellio". After having arrived at Remscheid-Lennep take a walk for about 600 meters through the beautiful old town to Gänsemarkt 1.

We are looking forward to your visit!

Röntgen's Birthplace open its doors on 9/13Röntgen's Birthplace open its doors on 9/13DRG