May 2013: Diagnosis, building activity, and future plans

When the purchase of Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen's birthplace had been documented in the land charge register of Remscheid the construction work started. After the inventory taking the house was emptied. The German Röntgen-Museum fortunately has enough storage where furniture and books can be embedded.

The architect's office Welke (Remscheid, Germany) is assigned with the renovation and reconfiguration under the rules and regulations for monument conservation. We held meetings concerning this issue in autumn 2012 before the next could be taken: the dismounting of the house.The dismounting - meaning ripping out gypsum walls and casings as well as excavating the half-timber - was finished at the end of February 2013. Unfortunately, the renovations that took place n the 1970s were not at all successful. We needed experts that examined the excavated masonry.The experts found many damages caused by water ingress and pest infestation. Approximately 20% of the masonry and half-timber probably need an intense treatment - such as the fitting of new oak timber and the excahnge of improperly inserted materials during the last renovation.

After having made a first diagnosis the next step is the coordination of the replacement with the preservation order.

veröffentlicht am Dienstag, 14. Mai 2013