A short history of the birthplace home of Wilhelm C. Röntgen

October 6, 1746: The town of Lennep is being completely devastated by a major fire except for seven houses and an abbey.

Around 1750/1760: The house on Gänsemarkt 1 is being built.

October 10, 1812: Catharina von Pohlheim sells the house to Johann Heinrich Röntgen and Anna Louise Frowein, who later bequeathed it to Friedrich Carl Röntgen (father of Wilhelm C. Röntgen) and his brother Richard and Ferdinand.

Ocotber 29, 1846: The house is sold to a butcher namend Gustav Kühne.

February 3, 1864: The house is sold to another butcher namend F. W. Drösser and his son.

1860: The right side of the house is being modified: A shop window is being integrated.

1963: The butchery closes.

1964: The city of Remscheid buys the house.

October 30, 1975:  The city of Remscheid discusses the plan to use the house as a music school.

1980:  Clean-up operations are completed. The house now accommodates the specialized library of the Deutsches Röntgenmuseum (German X-Ray Museum).

May 5, 20011: The German Radiological Society purchases the unsanitary house for 1 Euro.

Summer 2015:  Expected termination of the extensive restoration.